Our Goals

Map Creation - As Easy And Fun As Possible!

Did you ever struggle to find the perfect map for your campaign? With Wildshape we provide all the tools you need to create - and play on the awesome maps your campaign deserves! Our main goal is to let you create maps as easy and fast as possible and deliver a rich toolset that takes all the work from you.

Virtual Tabletop - animated and in 3D!

Dive into your campaign - animated and in 3D. Spoil your players with a whole new playing experience. With a tool that is both map maker and VTT you can shape the world even while playing.


Map Creation

shape terrain

Easy Terrain Shaping

add objects

Thousands Of Objects

change weather

Easily Adjustable

reach perfection

Endless Possibilities

Virtual tabletop (VTT)

Invite your friends

Invite Your Friends

Play together

Tell Epic Stories

Roll the dice

Play Online & Offline

Adjust maps in real time

Adjust Maps in Realtime

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Julien Noeth
The best part of this project is to see this awesome community grow and help to create something beautiful.

Julian Noeth, Lead Developer

Discord Community

Wildshape enjoys an active Discord community. We do contests, share maps and ideas for design as well as DM related topics. All are welcome!